my name is
Peter Szanto

Hi, my name is Peter Szanto

I am a day dreamer and I can dream big

Who am I?

A creative individual, speaker, photographer, CEO of B Creative, and Founder of SpringTab, where we help Content Provider Brands with better Business Intelligence and Personalization. You can find me on the streets of Budapest, Los Angeles or Italy.

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What do I do?

Simple: finding the solution for the best possible outcome.
I help brands to create the best digital user experience. The key that enables me to do so is a sense where I can be a bridge to the Triangle: business goals, customer needs, and tech. May it be an online service, shopping center or a bank, I always find the mutual ground between customers and brands. Satisfying needs with a customer first strategy makes the brand reach its goals.

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It always is a great pleasure to be featured in the Fourth Estate. Here are some highlight covers about my journey or from my virtual ink.

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